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Profile of IHRC adviser Mudessir Arani who was in the news as a result of her success in the High court and related articles, alerts, reports and other new articles.

Islamic Human Rights Commission

4th May 2006

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Campaigns and Alerts
Feature article
Hijab: Reports, Responses and Articles

IHRC Adviser Mudassar Arani was in the news as a result of the groundbreaking case won at the High Court that found control orders “an affront to justice”. Read her profile as The Times lawyer of the week:

Lawyer of the week: Muddassar Arani
25 April 2006
MUDDASSAR ARANI, of Arani & Co, acted for the British Muslim man in a court challenge to the control order issued against him, which allows the Government to restrict the liberty and movement of people it claims endanger public security.

For more information on the case:

Prevention of Terrorism Bill
12 June 2005
\\\\\\\"A bill to Provide for the making against individuals involved in terrorism-related activity of orders imposing obligations on them for purposes connected with preventing or restricting their further involvement in such activity; to make provision about”

Amnesty International's briefing for the House of Commons' second reading of the Terrorism Bill
25 October 2005
Amnesty International reports on the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005.

Government\\\\\'s terror bill passed
11 March 2005
The marathon debate over new anti-terror proposals has finally ended after more than 30 hours with the government\\\\\'s bill being passed.

UK: New Terrorism Law Fundamentally Flawed; Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 Incompatible With Human Rights Obligations
15 March 2005
The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 falls foul of the United Kingdom\\\\\'s human rights obligations, Human Rights Watch said today.

Campaigns and Alerts

Media Monitoring Alert: Protest Attack on Islamic Colleges in The Times
21 April 2006
Protest articles in The Times regarding Hawzah Ilmiyya of London, the Islamic College for Advanced Studies and the Islamic Centre of England.

URGENT ALERT: Stop the Execution of British Muslim in Pakistan
02 May 2006
Stop the 1 June execution of British Muslim Mirza Tahir Hussain.

ACTION ALERT: Turkish Aid Worker still being Detained in Pakistan
28 April 2006
Levent Karagulle is a Turkish citizen who has been detained in Pakistan for over three months without charge.

Forwarded Alert: Call to Reverse EU Starvation Policy
26 April 2006
A campaign that is launch by various Human Rights Organizations to reverse the decision taken by EU to suspend aid to the Palestinian Government. It also includes a sample petition to be written to your MP.

Alert: Launch of New Anti-Terror Workshops
26 April 2006
The Islamic Human Rights Commission, supported by Stop Political Terror, is pleased to announce the launch of new workshops designed to educate the community about the latest anti-terror legislation.

ACTION ALERT: Arsenal supporting Israeli Apartheid
01 March 2006
Protest Arsenal F.C.\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s decision to sign a sponsorship deal to promote Israel as a tourist destination.

Feature Article

Intercultural Approach to Americanism and Anti-Americanism
30 March 2006
Dr. Ameli studies British Muslim Impression on America before and after September 11th.

Hijab: Reports, Responses and Articles

Shabina Begum Case

Press Release: Begum Ruling Disappointing
22 March 2006

IHRC is very disappointed by the House of Lords ruling upholding Denbigh High School's decision to prevent Shabina Begum from wearing jilbaab.

New report

Hijab, Meaning, Identity, Otherization and Politics: British Muslim Women.
31 January 2006
A report by Saied R. Ameli and Arzu Merali for the Islamic Human Rights Commission. Publication date: 26th of January 2006, ISBN 1-903718-26-0


10 February 2006

Turkish State Council wants to extend the scope of the hijab ban to the public area.

13 March 2006

This evaluation assesses the ECHR decision in the Leyla Şahin case in the light of the Court's own founding principles, asks whether the ban is legitimate and tests the integrity of the grounds cited to justify the ban.

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