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Support IHRC this Ramadan

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An appeal for your support as volunteers and donors. Please take a moment to read.

Islamic Human Rights Commission

24th October 2002

Support IHRC this Ramadan

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

We hope this email finds you in the best of health and iman.

We would like to congratulate you all in advance on the coming advent of the month of Ramadan and pray that all our work and prayers in this month are accepted by Allah s.w.t.

At this time of year we usually request our campaigners and supporters to help us financially either through the purchase of Eid cards, reports and other merchandise or through one off and regular donations. This year we are emphasising more than ever the need that we have for sustained funding from the Muslim community.

If you are unfamiliar with our work please take some time to look at our website that has been redesigned with the help of volunteers who work in this field. Not all of our work has been uploaded but recent activities and research e.g. our reports on Muslim profiling by British police, our campaign packs in support of the imprisoned Imam Jamil in the USA and Cehl Meeah in Mauritius, our anti-war letters regarding Iraq and our continually updated Palestine campaign material are all available to view or download.

We have to continually make tough decisions at IHRC as to what work we are able to take on and pursue, due to the financial restraints placed on us. This has been even more so the case this last year, as our work load has increased beyond all expectation. Whilst we are blessed with the service of many dedicated volunteers from lawyers and researchers to administrative support and newsletter distribution, we still incur costs related to the work undertaken. Below are some examples of what we need funds for.

Observer missions
These are mission where one or more people are sent to observe trials, prisons or other situations where people's rights are being abused. This year we were able to send one observer mission to Mauritius to overview the violation of rights there and in particular look at the case of Cehl Meeah detained on what appear to be trumped up charges. There are many such cases which have been shunned by other organisations whether Muslim or otherwise which IHRC has the expertise but not the finance to follow up. Such missions can be highly successful. The report compiled after one such mission to Turkey in 1999 saw the release of 75 prisoners, 51 of whom faced the death penalty. In 2001 a previous trip to Mauritius saw the Police Inspector in charge of a brutal regime of torture in prisons, forced to resign.

Support for prisoners of faith and their families.
Often those imprisoned just for their beliefs are denied access to basic facilities sometimes even food and medicine, unless they pay for them. IHRC has been approached in such situations to assist such cases. Likewise the families of prisoners have also suffered, sometimes being left destitute. Unfortunately this is not a well known fact and raising emergency funds for such cases is extremely difficult. If you would like to donate specifically to this cause then please state this clearly when sending in your donations.

These are just two examples of the type of work we do which requires funding. We also need funding for printing costs for reports that need to be produced in hard copies to be sent to governments, other NGOs etc. to raise awareness of issues.

Your help this Ramadan, can be given in many ways. You can copy, paste and print off the form below and give us a one off donation. You can purchase any of our merchandise e.g. Eid cards of which we have a new set this year, reports, books, videos and T-shirts. A full list can be found in our newsletter and on-line or can be emailed to you at your request. Please also encourage your family and friends to support us also.

Perhaps the best way to support us is to make a regular monthly donation to us by setting up a standing order through your bank. This is not only the best form of support we can have, it entitled those making it to free copies of our reports and concessions on other merchandise.

Finally our annual newsletter is now available. This outlines our work for the last year and ways for people to participate. If you are able to distribute copies in whatever number large or small, please contact us on the numbers below.

Please accept my apologies on behalf of IHRC for this extended appeal focussing as it does on financial issues. This in no way undervalues all the support we receive from those of you who campaign on our various projects giving a few minutes to days and weeks of your time and help to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions or for more information. May Allah s.w.t reward all your efforts. Ameen.

Your brother in Islam,

Massoud Shadjareh
Islamic Human Rights Commission
PO Box 598
United Kingdom

Telephone (+44) 20 8902 0888
Fax (+44) 20 8902 0889

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