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In this 'What's New' a special report on the Annual Quds Day demonstration and a must attend event supported by the IHRC and organized by the National Campaign Against 'Anti-Terror' Powers.


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We want to thank all of you who attended the recent Yawm-al Quds / Al-Quds Day demonstration in London in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine. May Allah, inshallah, hasten the day of victory for Palestine.

Alert: Saudi Gang Rape Victim Facing Miscarriage of Justice

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A Saudi teenage girl has been sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison after she was the victim of gang rape.

Forwarded Alert: Let Khaled Study - lobby your MP to sign EDM 2099

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Khaled al-Mudallal, Bradford University student, is currently confined to Gaza and is not being allowed to return to UK continue his studies

Alert: Human Rights Website Censored in Bahrain

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Website of the HAQ Movement is yet another human rights website that has been censored by the information ministry of Bahrain this year.

Alert Update: Libya: Some Detained Eritrean Refugees Have Been Freed

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UNHCR has successfully secured release for 54 Eritrean refugees detained in Misratah

Alert Update: Prolonged Violence and Detention of Shia minority in Nigeria

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Following the death of popular Sunni cleric in Sokoto, persecution of Shia community at the hands of Nigerian security forces has increased.

Event Alert: Invitation to the Islamic Human Rights Commission's 1O Year Anniversary!

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The Islamic Human Rights Commission cordially invites you to join us in our 10 year anniversary, celebrating a decade of fighting against injustice.

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