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In this 'What's New', an alert on the Channel 4 broadcast of the film 'The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall' and also a series of alerts outlining human rights issues in the US, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Libya.

Islamic Human Rights Commission

24 October 2008

What's New at

In this 'What's New', an alert on the Channel 4 broadcast of the film 'The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall' and also a series of alerts outlining human rights issues in the US, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Libya. The Alerts section also includes an alert on a part time vacancy at the IHRC, plus a request for local co-ordinators. In the Press releases section you will find two press releases on the plight of US local community leader Seyed Mousavi and the latest on the case against him. The Articles section contains an informative article entitled “Two thirds of newspaper stories say British Muslims are 'a threat' or 'Problem' ” and an interesting article on the Home Secretary's 'humiliating retreat' over detention plans. We also have the IHRC Annual Report 2007 in the Reports section.

Press Releases


Alert: UK – Channel 4 broadcast of film 'The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall' available to view online
16 October 2008
IHRC invites you to watch 'The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall', “a moving feature-length drama about Tom Hurndall, a 21-year-old photography student fatally wounded by an Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) sniper”.

Alert: UK- Part-time vacancy at the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC): Events Officer
16 October 2008
IHRC is looking for a part-time worker to join its dynamic team, based in London, UK, for the post of events officer.

ALERT: UK - Request for local coordinators
16 October 2008
IHRC is looking to recruit local coordinators (volunteers) who would be responsible for promoting IHRC activities within their area.

Update Alert: Libya – Good news about the refugees in Misratah
14 October 2008
Some groups of refugees detained in Misratah are about to be resettled in countries elsewhere.

Alert Update: USA – Sami Al-Arian high court appeal rejected
08 October 2008
The US Supreme Court has refused to hear Sami Al-Arian's appeal against a contempt charge for refusing to testify before a jury, in spite of a plea agreement allegedly exempting him from such testimony.

Alert: Libya – Human rights activists handed down heavy sentences
03 October 2008
12 human rights activists were handed down heavy sentences on 10 June 2008 for planning a peaceful demonstration.

Alert: High quality Canvas prints for sale at the IHRC shop on-line
26 September 2008
IHRC is pleased to announce that a selection of 14 prints from renowned photographer Muhsin Kilby are now available for sale at

URGENT ALERT: KSA – Woman on death penalty for practicing witchcraft suffering from poor health in prison
22 September 2008
Fawza Falih, woman sentenced to death in Quraiyat court alleged practice of witchcraft, is currently in very bad health.

Forwarded Alert: Bahrain - Five Activists Appealing Hopelessly on 14th September Against 5-7 Year
12 September 2008
Five activists sentenced in July 2008, following demonstrations in December 2007, make appeal on 14 September 2008 against unjust sentences.


Press Releases

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: USA – Local community leader sentence in terrorism case
15 October 2008
Despite Sympathetic Court, Case Represents Troubling Use of Government Power

PRESS RELEASE: USA – IHRC expresses concern over upcoming sentencing of Seyed Mahmood Mousavi
03 October 2008
The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned over the upcoming sentencing of Seyed Mahmood Mousavi and calls for the utmost extent of leniency.

UK: Thousands March in Support of Palestine
28 September 2008
Forwraded Press Release:
Annual al-Quds Demonstration in London sees greater support

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Three Found Guilty for the 'Plane Bomb Plot'
08 September 2008
IHRC is concerned over the intense media hype before this case.

Forwarded Press Release: Aafia Siddiqui claims she was held by the US in Bagram for years
26 August 2008
Cageprisoners has received new information that Aafia Siddiqui was held for years in Bagram Airbase.


01 November 2008
An anti-racist conference to mark 50 years of the IRR


24 October 2008
Chairman: “IHRC has continued to receive widespread recognition for its work this year and to end on a positive note, I am pleased to announce that in July 2007 Islamic Human Rights Commission received Special Consultative status with the United Nations.”


Hoon defends giant database plans
17 October 2008
Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has said the government is prepared to go “quite a long way” with civil liberties to “stop terrorists killing people”.

Bush officials 'endorsed torture'
15 October 2008
The Bush administration endorsed the use of waterboarding against al-Qaeda suspects in secret memos to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Washington Post has reported.

EU report to increase pressure for reforms
14 October 2008
The European Union is set to warn Turkey to speed up its efforts on reform for
eventual membership in the 27-nation bloc, although the tone of criticism is expected not to be particularly strong.

Home Secretary forced into 'humiliating retreat' over detention plans
14 October 2008
Plans to hold terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge were dramatically abandoned last night after the proposals were overwhelmingly defeated in the House of Lords.

Menezes officer changed evidence
13 October 2008
An investigation has begun after an officer admitted changing evidence during the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

The AIC Condemns Israeli Violence against Palestinians in Acre
12 October 2008
The AIC Condemns Israeli Violence against Palestinians in Acre, Demands that Israeli Government End Discrimination of Palestinian Citizens, Economic Disenfranchisement of the Country's Periphery that Underlie Violence

Islamophobia escalating in UK prisons, says human rights group
11 October 2008
The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Saturday expressed deep concern about an ever-increasing complaints it as [sic] been receiving from Muslim prisons suffering from Islamophobia in British jails.

10 October 2008
LOS ANGELES – In a gross miscarriage of justice, a leader in Southern California's Iranian American community faces denaturalization and up to 9 years in prison.

Arab League wants UNSC meeting on Israel
25 September 2008
Arab states have requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss Israeli settlement activity in the Palestinian territories.

4th Gitmo prosecutor quits over ethics
25 September 2008
A US prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay prison has resigned over the alleged suppression of evidence against a young Afghan detainee.

Anti racism summit row
25 September 2008
On Wednesday's Riz Khan, live from New York, we debate the Durban II world conference set up to fight racism and racial discrimination.

Manufacturing 'Terrorists' The Indian Way
22 September 2008
Almost every other day, newspapers are agog with stories about 'dreaded Muslim terrorists' being nabbed across the country.

Water Issues in the Israeli Occupied Northern Jordan valley of the Palestinian Territories
19 September 2008
“If our access to our water is taken away, our hope for the future is taken too.”
Navajo Nation Chairman Peterson Zah

Israeli Settlers Again Taking the Law into their Own Hands: New Wave of Settler Attacks in Northern West Bank.
14 September 2008
Time and time again the Israeli settlers take the law into their own hands.

Two thirds of newspaper stories say British Muslims are 'a threat' or 'Problem'
09 September 2008
A new report has found that, since 2000, two thirds of newspaper articles about Muslims in Britain portray British Muslims are either 'a threat' or 'problem' and increasingly utilise negative and stereotypical imagery.


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