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URGENT ALERT: UK – IHRC requests that any organisations and/or individuals having problems with their bank accounts to come forward

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In light of the recent closure of bank accounts belonging to well known Muslim organisations, IHRC urges any organisations and/or individuals to come forward if they are experiencing problems with their accounts.

Forwarded Alert: Bahrain - The British Embassy in Bahrain prevents a human rights activist from getting a visa

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Human rights activist prevented by British embassy in Bahrain from attending a human rights seminar in House of Lords in London.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Barclays decision to close UWT account

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The Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) is dismayed by receiving a 30 day notice from Barclays to close their bank account. Barclays Bank has given no apparent reason to why the notice has been served.

Forwarded Event Alert: UK – London Women's Demonstration against Uzbek Regime's Sexual Molestation of Female Prisoners

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This event is to express outrage at the Uzbek regime\'s depraved actions against female political prisoners.

Alert: Egypt – Write to Egyptian President urging him to open the Refah Crossing

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To follow up IHRC's joint-letter to President Mubarak, campaigners are similarly encouraged to write to the Egyptian President, urging him to open the Refah border-crossing to allow aid into Gaza.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Interpal highlights inconsistencies in Lloyds TSB correspondences

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Interpal updates supporters and highlights Lloyds TSB's attempt to mislead Interpal supporters through ambiguous language.

Alert: Write letters of support to prisoners this Eid

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IHRC encourages all campaigners to write letters of support to prisoners of faith and political prisoners. Instructions are now available for writing letter to Uyghurs detained at Guantanamo.

What's New at

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In this 'What's New' an alert requesting your nominations for the 2008 Islamophobia awards.

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