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Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding the Detention of Nadir Remli

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Protest letter to BRITISH FOREIGN SECRETARY regarding the detention of Nadir Remli in Algeria The Letter provided below is unformated. A formatted version is available as a pdf file to be downloaded at the bottom this page.


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Rt Hon Jack Straw MP
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH

Fax: +44 20 7839 2417

Dear Mr. Straw,

Re: Detention of Nadir Remli in Algeria

I am writing regarding the continued detention and imprisonment without charge of British national, Nadir Remli in Italy. Nadir was arrested and imprisoned by Italian authorities in February 2005 after arriving in Milan airport with his young son. He is now facing extradition to Algeria on an international arrest warrant on alleged terrorism charges.

Algeria has been routinely condemned for its use of torture by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN among others. Nadir is a leading member of the Algerian Community in Britain (ACB) and a veteran campaigner against human rights abuses in Algeria. If extradited, there is a real and substantial risk that he will face torture and/or execution due to these political activities. To extradite Nadir would be to violate a whole host of international treaties including the European Convention on Human Rights and the UN Convention against Torture.

Nadir has been left languishing in prison while he awaits his fate. A process which was supposed to take 40 days has taken so far 7 months and may take over one year to resolve. Just recently went on a three week hunger strike in protest at these delays.

Nadir has been living in Britain since 1982 and has been a British national for over a decade. He is married to a British woman and has 5 young children. He is a law-abiding citizen who has never been in trouble with the police. I urge you to intervene directly in Nadir's case and ensure he is returned to Britain immediately. To allow him to fester indefinitely in a foreign jail under any conditions let alone without charge is morally reprehensible.

I await your urgent response.

Yours sincerely,

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Download this file (6557_Nadir Remli Campaign Letter 9 Sept 05.doc)6557_Nadir Remli Campaign Letter 9 Sept 05.doc[Campaign Letter: Protest Regarding the Detention of Nadir Remli]0 Kb

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