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Press Releases

Communiqué de Presse – France: La Commission Islamique des droits de l’homme (IHRC) soumet un rapport sur les actes criminels de haine en France au comitédes Nations Unies contre les discriminations raciales

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franceflaaaagLe rapport souligne comment l’Islamophobies’est normalisé et s’est enracinée dans le discours politique et médiatique de la France.

Press release - Yemen: International response to crisis is perverse

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yemenflagThe UN has given the green light to continue to bomb the Yemeni people

Citizens International Press Release: Citizens International strongly condemns judicial murder of Bangladesh Islamic leader

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citizensinternationalForwarded press release from Citizens International on the judicial murder of Mr. Muhammad Kamaruzzaman

Press release - France: IHRC submits France hate crime report to UN race discrimination committee

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unitednationsThe report highlights how Islamophobic political and media discourse has become normalised and entrenched in France

Press release - Nigeria: IHRC condemns murderous army attack on Islamic Movement

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nigeriadeathUmar Haruna was killed and four of his colleagues injured when soldiers opened fire on them

Press release: UK - Home Secretary should be ashamed of playing Islamophobia card

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theresamay2IHRC condemns in the strongest possible terms the Tory Party's relentless attack on Muslim values

Press release - UK: Lib-Dems must continue to oppose anti-terror laws

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vincecableLib-Dem Business Secretary Vince Cable has vetoed anti-terror guidance to university bosses

Press release: Protests to demand release of jailed Saudi prisoners

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International_Protest_Against_Saudi_POSTERThe protest will take place on Saturday, 14 March from 2-4pm

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