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Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE - UK: Islamophobia Awards 2017 - 26 November

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IA_2017_-_website_imageThe event will take place on 26 November

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Police attack peaceful religious procession in Abuja

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abuja_nov_17Videos and photographs from the scene show pandemonium and panic breaking out among the crowd as they try to escape the noxious fumes

PRESS RELEASE - UK: Government statistics highlight hidden purpose of Prevent "anti-terror" programme

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theresamaypoliceOf the 4,997 people referred to Prevent for "Islamic extremism" 1,504 were children under the age of 15

PRESS RELEASE - UK: National Islamophobia Conference

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british-racism-post-brexit-body-image-1467033784-size_1000The conference will take place on 10 December 2017

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Authorities continue crackdown on IMN activities

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Nigerian-flagIHRC condemns in the strongest possible terms this attempt to shift the blame from the perpetrators of the violence to the victims

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Two killed as police attack peaceful religious procession

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processionAccording to eye-witnesses police attacked mourners without warning

URGENT PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: Concern of armed police build up outside Kano

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17november05-poliebuildup-kano02IHRC is deeply concerned about reports of an armed police build up outside the city of Kano.

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Probe into army abuses is incomplete without Zakzaky testimony

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Nigerian-flagSheikh Zakzaky has been held without charge and mainly incommunicado following his arrest during a savage military assault

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Don't be a Silent Victim

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