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PRESS RELEASE: Stop and Search

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IHRC's campaign against the discriminating use of stop and search.

IHRC's campaign against the discriminating use of stop and search alongside the lack of accountability of police when carrying out such searches.

What we have been saying has now been confirmed by the recent HMIC report into police stop and search.

Black and Asian people are disproportionately stopped and searched.  Stop and Search is an ineffective tool with police having little understanding of how to use the legislation as a result it marginalises communities effecting community relations. 

Forces are not complying with requirements for stop and search activities to be open to public scrutiny.  The stop and search community panel was dismantled by this government.  This has resulted in no infrastructure to ensure accountability and for community participation.  These avenues are essential to ensure the disproportionate use of stop and search is scrutinised by community organisations.

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh said “This report has only confirmed what we have been saying for years, Stop and Search is ineffective and disproportionately target Black and Asian people with no accountability or scrutiny of police actions.  A change is needed. “

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