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PRESS RELEASE: UK – Three Found Guilty for the 'Plane Bomb Plot'

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IHRC is concerned over the intense media hype before this case.

Islamic Human Rights Commission

8 September 2008

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Three Found Guilty for the 'Plane Bomb Plot'

IHRC is deeply concerned despite no evidence has been shown of any airline plot, yet there was an intense media hype created. The jury did not find any conspiracy to target any aircraft. The whole of the transatlantic and flights around the world were disrupted as a result to what is said to be the largest ever surveillance operation involving officers from MI5, the Metropolitan Police and other forces around the country.

IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh commented:

“This has negatively impacted upon the whole society, but it further has demonised Muslims and resulted in further ethnic and religious profiling at airports”.

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