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PRESS RELEASE: UK – Invitation to Press Conference by Lord Avebury

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Bahrain, the Saudi intervention and the suppression of the revolution is the topic of this Press Conference.

Lord Avebury, the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary HR Group Cordially invites you to a Press Conference on:

Bahrain: The Saudi intervention and the suppression of the revolution

The intervention by Saudi forces on 12th March 2011 has fundamentally altered the face of the political and security crisis in Bahrain. It led to bloody attacks on peaceful demonstrators with many killings and injuries. Martial Law has been declared and the civil rights of people have been severely curtailed. The soldiers and militias armed with swords and axes roam the streets while leaders of the opposition have been arrested.

11.00 am Monday 21st March 2011
1 Abbey Gardens (Annexe to the House of Lords) London SW1P 3SE

For further information please contact: Lord Avebury: 020 7274 4617, Email:

Forwarded by IHRC solely for informational purposes, please contact Lord Avebury: 020 7274 4617, Email:[END]


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