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Press Release: UN Side Panel - Emergency briefing on the human rights situation in Bahrain at the UN on 8th June

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Emergency briefing held at the UN-Side Panel on human rights situation in Bahrain.

Date:                                  08 June 2011 (Wednesday)
Time:                                 3pm – 5pm
Venue:                               UN Headquarters, Geneva

Islamic Human Rights Commission is holding an emergency briefing on the human rights situation in Bahrain on Wednesday 08 June at the UN headquarters, Geneva. 

IHRC has worked on the issue of Bahrain for over 14years [1] and will bring together its current work with that of experts in the field. 

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh said:

“There is much obfuscation about the key issues in Bahrain due to the sectarian narrative of the Saudi and Bahraini regimes.  It is imperative that the international community are helped to see beyond the propaganda.”

IHRC aims to highlight some of the many instances of government oppression and suppression of human rights that have occurred during this period, all of which have roots in an historic and institutionalised system of inequality and injustice.

For more information please contact the Press Office on (+44) 20 8904 4222 or (+44) 7958 522196 or (+44) 7903053362, email: info@ihrc.org .

Notes to Editors:

1.     IHRC Recent reports, briefings and observer missions to Bahrain include:


The Islamic Human Rights Commission is an NGO in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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