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1 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Government's new integration plans are doomed from the outset
2 PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: ICC cautioned against blaming victims in Nigeria massacre investigation
3 PRESS RELEASE - UK/Saudi Arabia: Demonstration against Saudi Prince's visit on 7 March
4 PRESS RELEASE - UK: London stop and search policing drive must have greater accountability
5 PRESS RELEASE - Bahrain: UN alerted to human rights deterioration on anniversary of uprising
6 PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: Sheikh Qaseem Umar killed by Nigeria Police
7 PRESS RELEASE - UK: IHRC to convene Conference on "American Exceptionalism"
8 PRESS RELEASE - UK: How Darren Osborne came to be radicalised
9 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC urges High Commissioner in London to meet to discuss health of Sheikh Zakzaky
10 PRESS RELEASE - UK: IHRC to host conference on American Exceptionalism
11 PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: Govt rebuked for contempt of court in Ibrahim el-Zakzaky case
12 PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: Govt begins legal attempt to legitimise detention of Ibrahim el-Zakzaky
13 PRESS RELEASE - Worldwide: Prayers held worldwide for illegally detained Nigeria Islamic Movement leader
14 PRESS RELEASE - Worldwide: Prayers to be held worldwide for detained Nigerian Islamic Movement leader
15 PRESS RELEASE - Abuja, Nigeria: Police open fire at pro-Zakzaky demonstration
16 PRESS RELEASE - Abuja, Nigeria: Two wounded, many arrested after police open fire at Free Zakzaky demonstration
17 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC urges Buhari to release IMN leader for urgent medical treatment
18 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Free Zakzaky protestor killed by police
19 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IMN leader in need of urgent medical treatment after suffering stroke
20 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Genocide Memorial Day to discuss failure of international community to protect the Rohingya
21 PRESS RELEASE - UK/PALESTINE: CPS refuses to bow to pro-Israel pressure in Palestine demo case
22 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IMN braced for police attacks as it commemorates 2015 massacre
23 PRESS RELEASE - US/PALESTINE: US move on Jerusalem adds insult to injury
24 PRESS RELEASE – UK: Islamophobia Conference – 10 December 2017
25 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: International Criminal Court urged to prevent Nigerian authorities exhuming massacre victims from mass graves
26 PRESS RELEASE - UK: OFSTED condones and promotes anti-Muslim discrimination
27 PRESS RELEASE: UK – Donald Trump voted Islamophobe of the Year
28 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Labour Shadow Education Secretary has wrong end of stick in anti-Semitism claims
29 PRESS RELEASE - Bosnia: IHRC welcomes verdicts against Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic
30 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Islamophobia Awards 2017 - 26 November
31 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Police attack peaceful religious procession in Abuja
32 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Government statistics highlight hidden purpose of Prevent "anti-terror" programme
33 PRESS RELEASE - UK: National Islamophobia Conference
34 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Authorities continue crackdown on IMN activities
35 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Two killed as police attack peaceful religious procession
36 URGENT PRESS RELEASE - NIGERIA: Concern of armed police build up outside Kano
37 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Probe into army abuses is incomplete without Zakzaky testimony
38 PRESS RELEASE - Katie Hopkins among front-runners for Islamophobe of the Year award
39 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Sadiq Khan accused of betraying Londoners over Al-Quds Day stance
40 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Police attack and arrest civilians marking Ashura
41 PRESS RELEASE - UK: A Journey of Love exhibition launch - 26 September 2017
42 PRESS RELEASE - EGYPT: Death of IHRC prisoner of faith shines light on government repression
43 PRESS RELEASE - MYANMAR/UK: IHRC to take part in vigil for Rohingya
44 PRESS RELEASE - MYANMAR: International community must act swiftly and decisively to save Rohingya
45 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC urges African Union intervention in Zakzaky case
46 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Rising anti-semitism and rising Islamophobia are intimately connected
47 PRESS RELEASE - IHRC welcomes Supreme court scrapping of tribunal fees
48 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Authorities break up rally to commemorate 2014 massacre in Zaria
49 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Al-Quds Day success galls Zionist cheerleaders
50 PRESS RELEASE - Europe: European anti face-veil ruling legalises discrimination against Muslims
51 PRESS RELEASE - Bosnia: Genocide Memorial Day winner arrives in Bosnia
52 Maz Saleem Press Release: John Tomlin Charged with GBH - Community anger at CPS and police response
53 PRESS RELEASE - UK/Saudi Arabia: High court ruling over arms sales to Saudi Arabia defies the facts
54 PRESS RELEASE - UK: BBC urged to retract apologies to anti-Muslim hate-preachers
55 Observatorio de la Islamofobia en los medios Press Release: New website launched
56 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Child killed as police shoot at Al-Quds Day demonstration
57 PRESS RELEASE - UK: IHRC demands apology from London mayor over treatment of Al-Quds Day rally
58 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Al-Quds Day rally a success despite best efforts of Zionists
59 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Police have to start taking seriously the threat faced by Muslim communities
60 PRESS RELEASE - UK/Palestine: IHRC rejects slurs of pro-Israel lobby ahead of Al-Quds Day march
61 SACC Press release: SACC submits evidence on Islamophobia to Scottish Parliament Inquiry
62 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Annual pro-Palestine march to go ahead in London
63 PRESS RELEASE - USA: IHRC demands reinstatement of cancelled Middle East university post
64 PRESS RELEASE - UK: IHRC calls for police action after call for genocide against Muslims
65 PRESS RELEASE - BAHRAIN: Breaking - Casualties as armed forces storm site of Shia leader's residence
66 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria (breaking news): Police attack protestors seeking release of IMN leader
67 PRESS RELEASE - UK/Palestine: London mayor urged to resist efforts to ban pro-Palestine rally
68 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Zakzaky freedom bid adjourned
69 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Demonstrators mark 500 days in detention of IMN leader
70 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC condemns police attack on pro-Zakzaky protestors
71 PRESS RELEASE - UK: Muslims urged to be vigilant over expected spike in hate crimes
72 PRESS RELEASE - European Court hijab ruling cements Muslims' second-class status
73 PRESS RELEASE - USA: Lynne Stewart - 'People's champion' was an inspiration to all social activists
74 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Lawyers demand immediate release of imprisoned Zakzakys
75 PRESS RELEASE - UK: IHRC scores success in Muslim charity awards
76 PRESS RELEASE - Palestine: Soldier's sentence underlines apartheid nature of Israeli state
77 PRESS RELEASE - USA/Sheikh Omar Abdul Rehman: World has lost a man of principle and unshakeable faith
78 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Fears grow over plans to prosecute IMN leader
79 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: President urged to allow IMN leader access to medical care
80 PRESS RELEASE - Myanmar: Rohingya mercy flotilla aims to reach Myanmar
81 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC urges government to obey new court order and free Sheikh Zakzaky
82 PRESS RELEASE - US: Trump 'Muslim ban' is the product of 'environment of hate'
83 PRESS RELEASE - UK/USA: May and Trump leading countries further into environment of hate
84 PRESS RELEASE - Bahrain: Breaking - Armed security forces attack peaceful sit-in
85 PRESS RELEASE - UK/Bahrain: IHRC beams protest images onto Houses of Parliament and Bahraini embassy
86 PRESS RELEASE: Global - Genocide Memorial Day Poetry Competition Winners
87 PRESS RELEASE - Obama's clemency conceals an institutionally discriminatory criminal justice system
88 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: International community must intervene to secure release of Islamic Movement leader
89 PRESS RELEASE: Global - Genocide Memorial Day 2017
90 PRESS RELEASE: Nigeria – IMN leader must be freed as ordered by Abuja court
91 PRESS RELEASE – Netherlands: IHRC calls for the CERD recommendation to be implemented regarding “Black Pete”
92 PRESS RELEASE – Global: New briefing outlines ‘hollowing of human rights’ post 9/11
93 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Armed police surrounding IMN centre
94 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Possible assassination attempt against IMN leader underway
95 Environment of Hate: How it Works
96 PRESS RELEASE - UK/Saudi Arabia: Theresa May should condemn Saudi death penalties at GCC meeting
97 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC gives qualified welcome to court order to free Islamic Movement leader
98 PRESS RELEASE - UK/Gulf: Theresa May should cancel meeting with GCC leaders over human rights concerns
99 PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Evidence emerges of mass burials after Arbaeen massacre
100 PRESS RELEASE – UK: Islamophobia Conference – 10 December 2016

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