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PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Army kills mourners at annual Ashura commemorations

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16oct12ashura-kanoTHIRD PRESS RELEASE: 200 plus arrested in Kano

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Authorities target Shia mourners during Ashura commemorations

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Nigerian-flagToday's violence confirmed earlier fears that the Nigerian authorities would seek to sabotage the annual commemoration of Ashura in the country

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Military attacks Ashura processions in Nigeria

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16oct12ashura-funtuaAt least nine people are reported killed after security forces opened fire at mourners taking part in an annual religious procession in Funtua / Islamic Centre in Kaduna set abalze

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Army surrounds Kaduna mosque, fears grow for those trapped inside

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IMG_3530IHRC calls on the Nigerian authorities to withdraw the soldiers and allow the worshippers to continue to exercise their constitutional right to freedom of assembly and worship

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC calls for release of detained worshippers

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nigeriazakzakyIn the context of the relentless persecution of the IMN by Nigerian authorities, IHRC is genuinely concern for those detained

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: State ban entrenches persecution of Nigerian Islamic Movement

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Screen_Shot_2016-10-08_at_21.49.53IHRC condemns yesterday's announcement by the Kaduna state government in Nigeria to proscribe the country's Islamic Movement (IMN).

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Authorities fiddle in Zakzaky affair while Rome burns

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Nigerian-flagThe detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife has descended into the theatre of the absurd

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