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PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Allow detained IMN leader access to medical treatment immediately

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Nigerian-flagThe military attack between December 12-14 in the northern Nigerian city of Zaria left more than 1000 people dead

PRESS RELEASE – Europe: Report launch on discrimination against Muslims in Europe – 27 September

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launchimageThe launch is set to take place at the European Parliament in Brussels on 27 September

PRESS RELEASE - UK/Saudi Arabia: Britain must halt arms sales to Saudi government after parliamentary report

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sauditroopsA draft report by the cross party Committee on Arms Exports Control leaked to the press yesterday said it was likely British weapons had been used to violate international law

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IMN warns of 'imminent' military attack

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Nigerian-flagArmy provocations in Potiskum raise fears of another massacre

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IMN slams official inquiry into 2015 army massacre as 'biased and absurd'

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Nigerian-flagIMN accused the Commission of blaming the victims instead of focussing on the soldiers responsible for the massive loss of life and bloodshed

PRESS RELEASE - France: French 'Guantanamo' would undermine the rights and freedoms of all

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franceflaaaagThe proposal is also another worrying indication of the knee-jerk lurch to the right in France

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Concerns grow over health of imprisoned opposition leader

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Sheikh-al-ZakzakyIHRC calls on the government to immediately allow Sheikh Zakzaky to access urgent medical care

PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: IHRC renews calls for release of IMN members

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Nigerian-flagIHRC understands that many of the detainees still have shrapnel lodged in their bodies since the attack in December 2015

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