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Assed Baig's Blog

assed-baig_smallA UK based journalist who has reported from Pakistan, Kashmir, Somalia, Libya and Palestine. He loves current affairs and issues relating to radicalism and terrorism. He can be found at @AssedBaig

Woolwich and the Muslim Response

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Assed Baig takes a critical look at the culture of condemnation.

Boston Bombings: The West's Selective Grieving

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Blog post by Assed Baig on the Boston AttacksAssed Baig

Eye witness accounts of Meiktila massacre; Beaten, burnt and stabbed

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Reports of what actually took place in the Central Myanmar town of Meiktila are still emerging.mosque1

Sittwe. Keep out!

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An Update from Myanmar - 30.03.13Rakhines_holding_weapons_during_declaring_of_Act_Of_Law_144_inside_the_Sittwe_town_2

Listen to the children

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Assed Baig continues his risky journey into Myanmar to investigate the pogrom

Don't be a Silent Victim

silent-victimHave you been verbally abused, harassed, discriminated against or even violently attacked because you are Muslim? Have you been mistreated by the police or security services or a victim of anti-terror laws? Click here to report your incident to us in confidence and, if you wish, anonymously.If you are looking for counselling instead of or as well as case support you can also visit Counselling Psychology Services.