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The Economics of Colour

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Aug 20th-26th -- The Reverend Jesse Jackson Snr., renowned civil rights leader who worked alongside Martin Luther King and the first Black presidential candidate is now heading the Rainbow Push Coalition in the USA and will conduct a UK tour...

... with Equanomics UK from the 20th August to 26th August this year.

A key purpose of this event is to support the commemoration of the abolition of the slave trade and to highlight the economic contribution of Black and Minority ethnic communities in the UK past and present.

Equanomics UK is a growing coalition of organisations across the UK who want to develop more economic analyses and approaches to equality in the UK. It is a project incubated at the 1990 Trust.

This year, 2007, is the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. The 23rd August is the UNESCO commemoration day and is the central feature of events across the UK in August. The tour is to signify the importance of the economic contribution of Black and minority ethnic people, who were central to the industrial revolution and the making of modern Britain; to rebuilding Britain after the two world wars and who are now significant players in the economy through Black businesses, rates and taxes, labour supply and purchasing power.

The Tour:
A seven day visit with a five day tour of the key Black and Minority Ethnic population cities in the UK chosen for their centrality to slavery and economic significance of Black and Minority populations.

To commemorate the abolition of slavery and the economic contribution of enslaved people
To highlight current economic contribution of the Black and Minority Ethnic population in Britain and the economic inequalities.
To launch Equanomics UK - a growing community led alliance in the UK across all communities
The tour will also be organised in partnership with regional and local organisations. Click on the links below or to the right for specific regional information.
Dates and Places
Bristol Tues 21st August
London Wed 22nd August
Birmingham Thurs 23rd August
Leicester Fri 24th August
Nottingham Sat 25th Aug
Liverpool Sat 25th Aug
Manchester Sat 25th August
Sheffield Sun 26th August
Bradford Sun 26th August

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