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Back Events URGENT! Vigil for al-Aqsa outside 10 Downing Street

URGENT! Vigil for al-Aqsa outside 10 Downing Street

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This week in Jerusalem, Israeli troops began demolishing a part of the structure along the wall of al-Aqsa Sanctuary, known as the Meghribi [Moroccan] Gate. This has given rise to increased tensions in and around Jerusalem... ...and the many protests by Palestinians has gone unnoticed internationally. The destruction of Islamic holy sites constitutes a flagrant violation of International Humanitarian Law and International Law, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949), which prohibits the destruction of civilian properties.

Friends of Al-Aqsa calls upon everyone to attend a vigil outside 10 Downing Street demanding that the government asks for an immediate cessation to this violation.

DATE: Saturday 10th February

TIME: 4pm – 6pm

VENUE: 10 Downing Street

Supported by the British Muslim Initiative, PRC, IHRC, PSC and others.

Please circulate widely.

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