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VIDEO ARCHIVE - Genocide Memorial Day 2011

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A selection of videos from Genocide Memorial Day 2011genocide-day-2250

VIDEO ARCHIVE - Genocide Memorial Day 2010

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A selection of videos from Genocide Memorial Day 2010genocide-day-2331

VIDEO - 325 Days of Broken Promises

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Video from IHRC press conference held on Bahrain 322950

Gaza Demonstration outside Israeli embassy

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IHRCTV at a Gaza demo on 15 November 2012demo_image

VIDEO : Massoud Shadjareh on Sky News discussing Abu Qatada's bail

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IHRC Chair discusses the Abu Qatada case live on Sky Newsmassoud_skynews

VIDEO - France's Muslims feel hated

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A PressTV report on IHRC's latest publicationarzu_presstv

VIDEO - IHRC hands in letter to G4S

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IHRC personally hands G4S a letterg4sdemo1

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