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Britain and US prepared to open talks with the Taliban

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A concerted effort to start unprecedented talks between Taliban and British and American envoys was outlined yesterday in a significant change in tactics designed to bring about a breakthrough in the attritional, eight-year conflict in Afghanistan.

Bus firm accused of thinly-veiled racism

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A woman wearing a Muslim headscarf was told by a bus driver to take off her "mask" because it was against the law to wear it on board.

China leaders vow Xinjiang action

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China's top leadership has vowed to administer “severe punishment” to those involved in the deadly rioting in its restive Xinjiang region.

The Gross Nature of Israel's Violations

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June 2009 in Gaza marked two years since the beginning of a blockade of basic goods and six months since the end of one of Israel's most gruesome military onslaughts.

Fayyad urges UN to press Israel on fence

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Palestinian authority calls on the international community to stop Israel from defying the international ruling on the separation barriers, 'Judaisation' of Jerusalem and the expansion of settlements.

U.N. rights chief: Tear down security fence

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A United Nations official called on Israel to tear down the West Bank security fence.

Germany 'not silent' on stabbing

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Germany has defended its response to the stabbing of a pregnant Egyptian, saying Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet Egypt's president to discuss it.

Multimillion pound deal could send Nigerian prisoners home

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Government hopes to transfer up to 400 inmates. UK would pay to upgrade jails in west African state.

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