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River Jordan - Conflict and Cooperation

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In the Middle East, water is a source of conflict and an opportunity for peace.

OIC to establish commission for human rights in Muslim world by 2010: secretary general

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OIC creates a human rights watch organisation to protect civil freedom in member states.

White House Makes it Official on Ross

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A new announcement by the white house

Did China's Nuclear Tests Kill Thousands and Doom Future Generations?

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Radioactive clouds hung over villagers as China detonated nuclear bombs in the air for four decades

Free Gaza Movement boats plan to sail for to Gaza

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The Free Gaza Movement will depart from Larnaca Port for the Gaza Strip at 10am today, Thursday 25 June.

The Writing Is On the Settlement Walls

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A paralyzing equation has long bedeviled would-be Middle East peacemakers.

Israel FM rejects new indirect talks with Syria

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Hardline Lieberman insists Israel wants direct, unconditional talks with Syria, without mediation.

Israel agrees to limit incursions in four West Bank cities

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel plans to limit incursions in four Palestinian cities to try to boost a Palestinian security campaign supported by Washington, Israeli and Western security sources said on Thursday.

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