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My talk with Hamas about peace with Israel

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The US should follow the Northern Ireland and South African models – which had principles, not preconditions.

London's children the most deprived in the UK

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One in three children in London live in lone-parent families, and one in four in low-income households

Sarkozy stirs tensions as he declares burkas 'not welcome' in France

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Five years after outlawing Muslim head scarves in public schools, French lawmakers are taking aim at the face-covering niqab and burka, calling the garments an “ambulatory prison” for women.

Headscarf-wearing Belgian MP sworn in

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Mahinur Ozdemir, the first Belgian MP with Hijab was sworn in.

Discrimination victims often unaware of rights

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Most victims of discrimination in the European Union are unaware of their rights and often do not know how or where to file a complaint, a watchdog said Wednesday.

NY: Hizbullah supporter going to jail

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Man sentenced in US for providing satellite transmission services to Hizbullah TV station

U.S. to send ambassador to Syria after 4 years

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama has decided to return a U.S. ambassador to Syria after a four-year hiatus as talks between the two nations intensify, U.S. media reported Tuesday.

US cancels Netanyahu meet over settlements: report

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JERUSALEM (AFP) — Washington called off a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the US Middle East envoy because of Israel\'s refusal to halt settlement growth, an Israeli newspaper said.

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