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From hell to paradise for ex-Gitmo detainees

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Four ethnic Uighurs adjusting to Bermuda, and life on outside

Conspiracy to blow up JFK Prosecution tenders range of evidence ahead of trial

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Information from two computers seized from the home of Guyanese Abdul Kadir and other documentation are among the evidence the prosecution will present when the conspiracy to blow up the JFK International Airport case starts.

UN hearings to be held on Gaza war crimes

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A UN team investigating possible war crimes in Gaza says it will hold public hearings with victims of the conflict in Gaza and Geneva later this month.

Israel: No policy change after Obama speech

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JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli officials say the country will not halt construction in West Bank settlements even after the U.S. president's explicit call to do so.


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Kenan Malik: journey of an ex-anti-racist

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Kenan Malik's latest book From Fatwa To Jihad: the Rushdie affair and its legacy distorts anti-racist history and plays into the hands of today's anti-Muslim politics.

Hijab wearing Mahinur Ozdemir joins Christian DemocratsBelgium Muslim finds Christian Party compatible

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A young Muslim veiled woman has joined the Christian Democratic Party in Brussels to become the first and only veiled Muslim in a Christian political party with the likelihood of entering parliament, Al Arabiya TV reported Saturday.

Obama offers olive branch of respect to Middle East

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PRESIDENT Barack Obama will offer his personal commitment to “change the conversation” with the Muslim world in a long-awaited speech in Cairo this week.

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