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Guantánamo: A Real Uyghur Slams Newt Gingrich's Racist Stupidity

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In recent weeks, there has been an unsavory race to see which Republican can come up with the most scare-mongering drivel about the remaining 240 prisoners in Guantánamo.

Israel demolishes West Bank settler outpost

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MAOZ ESTHER, West Bank (AP) — Israeli security forces demolished a minor Jewish settlement outpost in the West Bank on Thursday, three days after President Barack Obama told visiting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he must halt settlement activity.

Red Cross forced to suspend aid to civilians in Sri Lankan former war zone

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Sri Lankan government blocks access to camps in which thousands could face two years behind razor wire.

Obama's Palestine, Peace Vision

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CAIRO – US President Barack Obama wants an independent, democratic, contiguous but demilitarized Palestinian state with Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem) as its capital within the next four years.

UN Gaza inquiry 'to proceed despite Israel'

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A UN inquiry into possible war crimes in Gaza will go ahead even if Israel does not co-operate, says Richard Goldstone, who leads the inquiry team.

Disabled prisoners unable to bathe or shower for months

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Prisons inspector brands Parkhurst a failing jail, lacking basic levels of safety and decency

UK medics go on hunger strike after being refused entry into Gaza

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Since the 4th of May Hammersmith team has been stuck in Egypt at Rafa crossing. The Group is on humanitarian mission to set up cardiac hospital unit.

Jerusalem mayor 'stepping up demolitions'

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The pace of home demolitions in Arab East Jerusalem appears to be increasing under the city's new mayor, an Israeli rights group has warned.

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