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The fight for survival goes on in Sri Lanka amid reports of 15,000 killed

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Civilians say Tamil Tigers fired at those who fled. Witnesses saw victims of phosphorus bombs.

Sri Lankan leader Mahinda Rajapaksa has declared the country \"liberated\" from Tamil Tiger rebels after a 26-year war.

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Mr Rajapaksa made the announcement in a speech to the country\'s parliament, a day after the army said rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran had been killed.

EU demands Sri Lanka war inquiry

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EU foreign ministers have called for an independent inquiry into alleged war crimes by Tamil Tiger rebels and Sri Lanka's government.

Obama presses Netanyahu over two-state plan

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US President Barack Obama has urged visiting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to accept a Palestinian state.

PM - Obama embarks on peace in the Middle East

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This is a transcript from PM. A program broadcasted on Australian Radio National and ABC Local Radio.

Uyghur Farmers to be robbed of land given to Han Chinese immigrants

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Uyghur Farmers yet again subjected to cruel treatment by the Chinese central government.

Justice system a 'sexist operation', study finds

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The criminal justice system is condemned as an institutionally sexist operation that lets down female victims, fails to help women offenders out of a cycle of crime and prevents professionals reaching the top jobs.

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