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Sexist firm slurred my faith: suit

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They made fun of her religion and snorted sexist comments, and now she is fighting back.

I Refuse to Buy a Poppy

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The killing of five British soldiers in Afghanistan and its fortuity with the annual poppy appeal.    

United States Shields Israeli War Criminals

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The Goldstone report and the hypocritical approach by the United States towards Israeli atrocities, discusses Mohamed Idris.

To Sit and Wait for Death: Remembering Jenin and Operation Defensive Shield in ‘Absent Justice’

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Merali reviews this seven part documentary, available on DVD, describing its content and the questions it raises for activists.

Report: Turkey PM says Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza

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Turkey's prime minister has further inflamed simmering Israel-Turkey tensions, claiming that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened to use nuclear weapons against Gaza, The Guardian reported Monday.

Turkish TV show portraying IDF soldiers as murderers sparks outrage

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his outrage over a Turkish television drama that depicts Israel Defense Forces soldiers as brutal war criminals.

RIGHTS-US: New York ”Terror” Detainee in Draconian Conditions

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As the planned closing of the U.S. military's detention centre at Guantanamo Bay draws nearer, human rights activists are raising questions about the treatment of detainees

It's time to reclaim patriotism from the racist narcissists

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For many, this new patriotism is no more than an expression of chauvinism. Loving your country means beating your breast and declaring for all to hear: ''Straya - love it or leave it.''

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