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101 PIR’s view on the murder spree in Toulouse
102 Arab Uprisings and Palestine in the Lebanese and Syrian Imaginings
103 The Kazmi Affair: Weaning India off Iran?
104 Questioning the Syrian “Casualty List”
105 Pierre, Djemila, Dominique…and Mohamed
106 Gujarat Massacre: Statement of Justice Hosbet Suresh
107 Open letter to WSJ for endorsing murder of Iranian scientist
108 The Guantánamo Legacy – Ten years of criminality go beyond this one base and one state
109 Guantánamo at 10: The rise and rise of US exceptionalism and the downfall of human rights
110 Religious tolerance a passing phenomenon
111 First, we should love ourselves
112 Target Iran: Washington's Countdown to War
113 If history is to be believed; Appointment of two police officers heralds new repression in Bahrain
114 Syria and the Line Between Imperialism and Humanitarianism
115 Poppies: Political and Patriotic
116 The Irvine 11 and Criminalisation of "Free Speech"
117 Reflections on Norway's Terror Attacks
118 Norway's Tragedy Illustrates Europe's Political Paradox
119 Libyan revolutionaries in over their heads
120 The One Where Hillary Supports the Dictators in Bahrain
121 David Cameron’s Confusing Muscular Liberalism is Brawn without Brains
122 Likeminded successors – the demonisation of Islamic opposition in the coming revolutions
123 The Great Unravelling
124 Fear No More
125 The Egyptian barriers of silence have been broken and the sun will shine once more
126 Genocide Against Muslims in Cambodia
127 Racists Totally Freak Out Over Muslim 'Batman of Paris'
128 Clinton plays Russian Roulette with Justice
129 The next big challenge for women who wear headscarves: getting a job
130 Babar Ahmad: A Briton Betrayed
131 No Coincidences
132 Israel's Accession Compromises the OECD's Principles
133 Everlasting Love? Muslims and Citizenship in the UK and the Decline of Minority Rights
134 Gaza – One Year On
135 Who Will Guard the Guardians
136 Brixton, Berkeley and Other Roads to Radicalisation
137 Nightmares - How Gaza offends us all
138 Aliens in Their Own Country
139 Citizen Ali
140 Muslims in 21st Century Britain: Assimilation or Extermination?
141 Feeling a bit Charlie Brown: Shirin Ebadi, Nuclear Inspections and Iran
142 Viewpoint: Islam & Modernity
143 My Lobby Ran Off With Kilroy, or Why Muslims Shouldn’t Emulate Zionist Politics
144 Freedom is my Daughter's Name

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