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Complaints to The Spectator, August 2006

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Ilan Pappe

Response to Melanie Philips' article 'Hezbollah: will Britain be next?' by Melanie Phillips, The Spectator 5 August 2006 by Dr. Ilan Pappe.

The Blame Game: International Law and the Current Crisis in the Middle East

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This briefing seeks to assess the legal position of a response to Israeli aggression and policies towards Lebanon and the Palestinian people.

Israel in the context of the “clash of civilizations”

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by Michael Warschawski. One of the papersMicahel Warschawski at IHRC Conference, 2008 (c) IHRC from the report

Against Zionism: Jewish Perspectives

Assaisnated by Democracy: The Haditha Massacre and US Culpability for War Crimes

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A briefing on the recent Haditha massacres in Iraq and its implications.

Über-Citizens: Briefing on the Recent Naturalisation Tests in Germany

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A critical overview of recent developments in immigration rules in Germany.

British Anti-Terrorism Policy and the MEK

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A critical review of hypocrisy within British anti-terrorist policy over the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK).

France – A Story of a Society Falling Down

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A look at the French riots of 2005 and a discussion of ways to move forward.

Judaism vs Zionism in the Holy Land

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Professor Yakov RabkinProfessor Yakov Rabkin lecturing at IHRC conference 2006 presents a fascinating examination of Jewish opposition to Zionism within the Holy Land and a vision of a “post-Israel” Middle East.  September 2006.

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