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Judaism vs Zionism in the Holy Land

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Professor Yakov RabkinProfessor Yakov Rabkin lecturing at IHRC conference 2006 presents a fascinating examination of Jewish opposition to Zionism within the Holy Land and a vision of a “post-Israel” Middle East.  September 2006.

You ONLY have the Right to Silence

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A review of concerns regarding security discourse on Muslims on campus in Britian.

Falluja: One Year On

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Doctors for Iraq (DFI) is a group of doctors who have experienced and witnessed the destruction of the infrastructures of the health system in Iraq.

The headscarf ban in French schools: Truth unveiled

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This is a collective book. Through testimonies, it tells how, French citizens, lived through the implementation of the March 15th 2004 law on the enforcement of the principle of secularity in French state schools.

IHRC response to: 'Preventing Extremism Together: Places of Worship'

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Submission by the IHRC to the Home Office in response to the consultation document 'Preventing Extremism Together: Places of Worship' of 6 October 2005.

United To Protect Our Rights

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Protect Our Rights: A briefing document on the governments anti-terrorism proposals.

A joint analysis from UK's leading civil society organisations.

Response from IHRC to the Consultation on Exclusion or Deportation from the UK of Foreign Nationals on Non-Conducive Grounds

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Response from the Islamic Human Rights Commission to the Home Secretary's Consultation on Exclusion or Deportation from the UK of Foreign Nationals on Non-Conducive Grounds

The Plight of Chechen Refugees revisited

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A review of the treatment of Chechen refugess in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Poland.

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Don't be a Silent Victim

silent-victimHave you been verbally abused, harassed, discriminated against or even violently attacked because you are Muslim? Have you been mistreated by the police or security services or a victim of anti-terror laws? Click here to report your incident to us in confidence and, if you wish, anonymously.