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Bannings and Deportations in the Pacific: racial and religious profiling in Fiji and American Samoa

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August 2002 witnessed the US territory of American Samoa, a Pacific island, issue a widespread ban on Muslim visitors from over 23 countries.

Arrests Prompt Concern for Cambodia's Muslim Minority

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Cambodia's Muslim community is estimated to be 185,000 to 200,000 strong; forming 5 to 10% of Cambodia's predominately Buddhist population.

Bulgaria's Muslims: From Communist Assimilation to Tentative Recognition

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With the ascendancy of the communist regime in 1946 and its reign until 1990, Bulgaria's various Muslim ethnic groups witnessed harsh repression and forced assimilation campaigns.

Moldova's Unofficial Muslims

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Moldova's Muslim population have been subjected to discrimination and harassment from the Moldovan government, including the refusal to recognise and register Moldova's Muslims.

Contemporary Background to Aceh Conflict

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Ever since Indonesia's inception in 1949 by its former Dutch colonial masters, Aceh's separatist movements have claimed that the former Kingdom of Aceh was forcibly integrated into the fledging Indonesian state.

Part Two: 'Post-Saddam Iraq - The Pentagon's Far-Right Poised to Take Over'

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Further information regarding possible appointees in the post-Saddam administration.

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Don't be a Silent Victim

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