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France: Concerns Regarding the Violation of CEDAW by the Hijab/Religious Symbols Ban

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Executive summary of report submitted to 40th session of CEDAW, January 2008 by IHRC.

Freedom of Religion in Belgium and the Hijab

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An overview of the laws pertaining to headscarves for women in Belgium, and Belgium's obligations under international human rights norms.

Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Racism as Art and Documentary: Notes on Shanghai Vice (UK, Channel 4, 1999)

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The Multi-Award winning documentary of 1999 comes under scrutiny for its portrayal of Uighur Muslims in China.

Darfur: The Origins & Diagnosis of the Crisis

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What is happening in Darfur? A look at the origins of the current conflict.

The Beginning or End of Hope? Transforming the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Nation Building.

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Reviews of Married to Another Man by Ghada Karmi, The One-State Solution by Virginia Tilley and One Country by Ali Abunimah

Book: 'The Afzal Petition: A Quest for Justice'

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A book detailing vital information about Afzal Guru's case, a Kashmiri Muslim facing execution for alleged role in attack on Indian Parliament

Review of Minority Conditions in China

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Extensive background information on the persecution of religious and other minorities in China.

Freedom of Expression in Morocco: Retraction of freedom of expression in Morocco: The Case of Al-Adal Wa Al-Ihsan (Justice and Spirituality Movement)

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This briefing details the restrictions to the freedom of expression in the kingdom of Morocco. It also investigates the cultural and political factors involved, and the nature of the sensitive issues that are restricted within the country.

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