Saturday 24 February 2018
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 Press Releases
PRESS RELEASE: UK ˝ IHRC welcomes the suspension of Section 44 stop and search anti-terrorism legislation by the Hampshire Police
IHRC notes that out of the 180,000 of those stopped and searched since the enactment of section 44, none were charged with terrorism related offences.
PRESS RELEASE: Iran ˝ IHRC calls for a full inquiry into handling of protesters
ýIHRC calls for a full inquiry into the policing of protesters and the handling of those detainedţ.
PRESS RELEASE: UK ˝ New statistic shows 40% rise in complaints over discriminatory behaviour by police
IHRC feels that the overall rise in police complaints is part of a growing trend of discontent with the police.
PRESS RELEASE: Germany ˝ IHRC blames climate of Islamophobia for death of Marwa Al Sherbini
IHRC is deeply concerned that the alienation and marginalisation of the Muslim community has led to such an environment where hate crimes are prevalent.
PRESS RELEASE: China ˝ IHRC concerned over violence in Urumqi, calls on authorities to be proportionate in response to any violence
IHRC is deeply concerned over the current violence taking place in Urumqi, reportedly following the death of two Uighur factory workers in June.
PRESS RELEASE: Palestine/Iran ˝ IHRC welcomes Veolia's plan to abandon light rail project connecting illegal Israeli settlements to Jerusalem
IHRC welcomes VeoliaÝs plans to abandon the Jerusalem Light Rail project amidst enormous pressure on the company from BDS campaigns in several countries.

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