Friday 20 April 2018
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Aims & Objectives

In the name of Al-laah, The-Source-Of-Mercy, The-Especially-Merciful.

The aims of the Islamic Human Rights Commission are:

1. To champion the rights & duties revealed for human beings.

2. To promote a new social & international order, based on truth, justice,
righteousness & generosity, rather than selfish interest.

3. To demand virtue & oppose wrongdoing in the exercise of power (from
whatever base that power derives - e.g. political, judicial, media,
economic, military, personal, etc.).

4. To gather information about, & to publicise, atrocities, oppression,
discrimination, & other abuses of divinely-granted rights.

5. To campaign for redress, & to support the victims, of such crimes.

6. To campaign to bring the perpetrators & their accomplices to justice.

7. To cooperate with other groups & individuals where such cooperation is
likely to further the achievement of these aims.

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