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Happy Birthday Binyam! Demo

24 July 2008

Demo on 24 July 2008 for Guantanamo detainee Binyam Mohamed, facing prospects of death penalty in US.

The London GuantĚnamo Campaign invites you to the

Happy Birthday Binyam! demo

On 24 July 2008, Binyam Mohamed will be 30 years old. Unlike most other people aged 30, on that day, Binyam will have spent one out of every five years of his life in illegal American detention. Arrested in Pakistan in 2002, he was transferred to CIA custody. A victim of the "extraordinary rendition" programme, he was tortured in Morocco for 18 months, where a torture technique used involved making multiple incisions all over his body with a scalpel, including his penis. Binyam has been held in GuantĚnamo Bay since September 2004. The US recently brought terrorism-related charges against him; he could face a military tribunal and the death penalty if convicted.

In August 2007, the British government asked for his return to the UK which the US refused. Lawyers for Binyam have recently started a lawsuit against the British government to make them release evidence to the US which could see Binyam freed. The British government must do more and act more visibly to secure Binyam's release from GuantĚnamo Bay and return to the UK, where he lived for more than 7 years.

Join us on 24 July 2008 at a special birthday demonstration
Opposite Downing Street (nearest tube: Westminster)
At 6-8pm

To call on Gordon Brown and the British government to act to bring Binyam home. Join us and make some noise in this unique birthday bash to remind our government of their moral and humane obligations. Let's make some noise for Binyam!

Organised by the London GuantĚnamo Campaign

For more details, email / call Jalil on 07985 382 188

Supported by Reprieve, CAMPACC and Cageprisoners This is an authorised demonstration

Happy Birthday Binyam!

Celebrate Binyam Mohamed\'s 30th birthday ˝ send a postcard or a birthday card to Gordon Brown and tell him to take action to make sure that this is Binyam's last birthday in GuantĚnamo Bay.

The British government must:

« Take action at the highest level to secure the release of Binyam and his return to his country (which has already been requested)

« Release documentary evidence to the American authorities that proves that Binyam was a victim of "extraordinary rendition" ˝ documents that could see him released

« Understand that 6 years is more than enough ˝ it's time to honour our moral obligations

Send your birthday card/postcard on or around 24 July 2008 to:

Gordon Brown MP
House of Commons

Or send a virtual card to

You can also send Binyam a birthday card/greeting card (preferably earlier than 24 July) to:

Binyam Mohamed (1458)
Camp Delta, US Naval Base GuantĚnamo Bay,
Washington DC 20355, USA

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