Latest issue of The Long View out now

Time to Uncover the Histories of Occupation and Oppression’ is available now.

Olsi Jazexhi’s essay looks at ‘How did Israel go from Pariah to become God’s Chosen Nation in the Balkans?’  Denijal Jegić discusses the overlooked incursions of Israel into Lebanon in ‘Liberating Lebanon and Decolonising the Discourse that Occupies It.’

Ian Almond highlights the disappearance from the news of stories about terrorism during the Coronavirus crisis and argues for a better understanding about how the 24 hour newscycle works in ‘Terrorism Got COVID: Or, The Constant-Threat News-Culture We Live In.’

Massoud Shadjareh’s piece discusses ‘Why We Need to Get Beyond Regimes of Anti-terrorism, and Fast’ in the UK.