UK/Palestine – Israel intends to attack the free Gaza boat

Islamic Human Rights Commission

12 January 2009

URGENT FORWARDED ALERT: UK/Palestine – Israel intends to attack the free Gaza boat “Spirit of Humanity” today!!

The boat, “SPIRIT OF HUMANITY”, is carrying urgently needed medical personnel and supplies, members of several European parliaments and journalists, all of whom have been prevented by Israel from entering Gaza. Also on board is the British reconstructive surgeon who has been prevented by Israel from returning to her patients in Gaza.

Israeli gunboats rammed, disabled and nearly sank “Dignity” on in international waters on Dec. 30. Thanks to the efforts of the many supporters, Free Gaza were able to get another, larger boat, which is now departing.

PLEASE CALL your MP and MEPs and tell them to demand that ISRAEL MUST NOT ATTACK THIS BOAT! Tell them to make their demand NOW!! Your and their action could save lives.

Please try to both email and phone them and if possible fax them as well. You can also deliver letters to their homes [many thanks to those who have hand delivered their letters to Miliband and Brown against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza].
Please post your comments on the internet, especially on website of the media which is acting more as Israeli mouthpiece than broadcaster, such as the BBC [e.g. the travesty of titling the Nuremberg rally of the Israeli apologists yesterday in Trafalgar Sq: “Thousands call for Mid-East peace”, see]. Also post your comments at Haaretz, Guardian etc.

AFTER YOU MAKE THOSE CALLS, post your comments, please DO THE FOLLOWING:

CALL the Israeli Government and let them know that the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY is coming to Gaza. DEMAND that Israel immediately STOP slaughtering civilians in Gaza and STOP using violence to prevent human rights and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people.


Mark Regev, spokesperson in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office:
+972 2670 5354 or +972 5 0620 3264

Shlomo Dror, spokesperson in the Israeli Ministry of Defence:
+972 3697 5339 or +972 50629 8148

Major Liebovitz, spokesperson in IDF Spokesman’s Office (Foreign Press):
+ 972 5 781 86248 / +972 3 608 0238

Israeli Navy (Information Centre):
+972 3 737 7777 / +972 3 737 6242

Because of the emergency and threat to the lives of dozens on the boat and thousands in Yibna Rafah you may wish to hand deliver your letter. Here are addresses [available from the internet] of people who could help stop the sinking of the boat and stop the slaughter in Gaza, if they publicly denounce any Israeli attempts to attack the boat and demand the immediate and unconditional Israeli bombardment of Yibna Rafah Gaza and the immediate and unconditional lift of the Israeli siege, as well as withdrawal of the British Ambassador in Tel Aviv.

[This alert is from Islington Friends of Yibna (IFY)]


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