Tribute to El Hajj Maalik Shabazz (Malcolm X)

…but in the next breath he is going to tell you what he won\’t do to get it, or what he doesn\’t believe in doing in order to get it, he doesn\’t believe in freedom. A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire . . . or preserve his freedom.\”

In this important phase of existence, with endless war perpetrated and instigated by the lead nation of the coalition of the willing, where people are scared to speak out against illegal wars, we give you an un-missable event to honour a man who did just that and was labelled the ‘extremist’ of his time, but his legacy lives on because to millions, he was a hero that spoke out for the oppressed people world-wide.

The Salaam project welcomes you to an unforgettable evening of edutainment where we learn about the man, his life and his mission and how he has affected people world-wide delivered to you in the form of spoken word poetry, hip hop as well as inspiring lectures.

Speakers include Sister Yvonne Ridley – The Multi Award winning Journalist!!!! Owen Shahada -The Award winning Director of the Documentary best Seller \’500years Later\’ and Executive Producer of \’The Shadows\’.Imam Abdul Malik Jafar, a true community activist(on the East Coast and West Coast) who\’ll will be enlightening us on how Malcolm X affected activists in America, (and around the world) he will talk about the civil rights in America and who are really cleaning up the ‘hood’. Also in attendance will be sister Adeela Shabazz from the Muslim Womans Helpline. We also have a live link up to America from a well known person, but your going to have to wait to see who it is……….it will be amazing, guaranteed.

As well as inspiring the old, Malcolm also inspired the young, especially orthodox young muslims, we will have Poetry on Drums/duff only (No musical instruments) only performances by the one and only Mecca2Medina (, Khaleel Muhammad, the UK’s number one nasheed artist, will also be in attendance, we will have some inspiring performances from 2 of the UK’s biggest muslim female acts Poetic Pilgrimage & The Pearls of Islam. UK Hip Hop veteran Nomadic Poet will also be in the building, Baby Muslims will be insuring we leave singing 1400 years ago by the end of the night insha Allah. Fisabililah aka Masikah will bless the stage with his raw presence, Truthful Movement will bring it from a youths perspective which is not to be missed and Craze Da Palestinian (Palestine\’s finest Slingshot rapper will be dropping in) will let us know through poetry and rhyme as to what its like living in the land of the blessed.

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£7 per head on the door!!!!! or book a ticket by emailing

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Sunday February the 17th 2008
5.00pm – 8.3pm

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The Africa Centre
35 Kings Street
Covent Garden

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For more information call 07908521673 or email

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