former member of 2Pac Shakur\’s group, The Outlawz. He has been featured on 3 of 2Pac\’s albums (and a few unrealeased too) a true friend,associate and business partner of the late Pac Shakur.

He has given up the music business and he will be coming to Central London to share his knowledge and information with us. He will be telling the undiluted Truth about the real 2Pac Shakur (the no.1 best selling rap artist ever)

Clearing up the lies, fallacies and falsehood about his friend (2Pac).

He will be talking about his epic experience from ganngbanging to being a youth activist against drugs, gangsterism, extremism and ignorance on the east and west coast of America.

Come down and listen to this wonderful journey. He will share his unique exciting story and journey to peace in Islam.

Special guests include

The TRUTHFUL MOVEMENT (the voiuce of Muslim Youth)

The event will be held at


46 Whitechapel Road, London E1

nearest tube is Aldgate East or Whitechapel, buses 25,205 254)

11th August 2007

1.45pm start ends 4pm

A £3 donation is welcome on the door

Brothers and sisters are invited but there will be seperate seating.

Supported by the 1990 Trust, co- sponsored by Islamic Human Rights Commission and the Muslim Assosiation of Britain.

Mutah Napolean is not affiliated or connected to these organisations or sponsors but is an invited guest.

for INFO ENQUIRIES, STALLS ETC MIZ/ISMAEL 07903 931424 or email