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The Muslim Youthwork Foundation is organising a series of national workshops to support and develop good practice for those working with Muslim young people. The workshops are led by Etienne Wenger, a leading expert in this field. You\’ll be introduced to the concept and will have an opportunity to explore how it can be applied to your organisational work setting.

This is not a large conference and there are only a limited number of places available at each workshop. We welcome group bookings

For more information, contact Tasneem Mahmood on 0116 2427424 or Sadaf Ali on 0116 242 7438

Limited bursaries are available for those who apply early.

What are Communities of Practice?
The term ?community of practice? is relatively new, even though the phenomenon it refers to is age-old. Communities of practice are formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human action. They are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and want to do it better.

Why are they Important for Practitioners and Managers? Learning is fundamentally a social phenomenon ? People organise their learning around the social communities to which they belong. Knowledge is integrated in the life of communities that share values, beliefs, languages, and ways of doing things ? these are called communities of practice. Real knowledge is integrated in the doing, social relations and expertise of these communities. The processes of learning and membership in a community of practice are inseparable ? learning is intertwined with community membership, it is what lets us belong to and adjust our status in the group. As we change our learning, our identity ? and our relationship to the communities we belong to ? can change.

Knowledge is inseparable from practice. It is not possible to know without doing. By doing, we learn.

Empowerment or the ability to contribute to a community creates the potential for learning. Circumstances in which we engage in real action that has consequences for both us and our community create the most powerful learning environments.

Why the Workshops?
Developing Communities of Practice as a method of sharing and making best use of grounded expertise will be advocated by the Foundation through a series of regional workshops and further training opportunities. The first workshops will be led by Etienne Wenger. He has been instrumental in conceptualising and pioneering this way of working for networks and organisations.

Details of venues, programme listings and directions will be available t

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