Join Campaign Iran This Saturday!

Dear Supporters,

It is taking place in an environment of ever increasing hostility towards Iran and may well be the only public venue for Iranians to express their outrage and utter disgust towards the war-mongering approaches of Washington and its followers in London and elsewhere.

\”Campaign Iran\” members and supporters will be meeting between 10:30 to 11:00 AM outside Hyde Park Corner Tube Station (EXIT 1) before joining the demo.

We will be holding large banners and will distribute many postcards among the crowd. If you would like to volunteer, please make sure you arrive sooner at 10AM. We will also recruit new members, so if you have friends who may be interested in joining us and helping out in a more active way, please make sure you bring them along too.

We believe there\’s no excuse for not spending half a weekend highlighting the daily threats against Iran and Iranians. Time is running out and we need to act!

Hope to see you on Saturday,

In Solidarity

Campaign Iran

(Part of the International Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran)


1. listen to BBC Radio4\’s interview this morning with Abbas Edalat after Richard Perle:
2. read CI\’s latest press release about the letter delivered to downing street today:
3. forward the attached farsi version of this call to your Iranian friends.
4. don\’t forget to bookmark and visit regularly for news and updates.