TWINNING WITH PALESTINE: Building Bridges not Walls

The Palestinian people have been living under the most brutal form of occupation. Governments around the world have done nothing to halt this injustice. Ordinary people when given the chance to show their solidarity with Palestine have shown there is a massive potential to do differently. Twining with Palestine has built friendships between people in Britain and Palestine from which practical and political solidarity has been delivered.

More than 40 twinning campaigns are already active across the UK and new groups are forming all the time. This conference seeks to pull together activists from across Britain and Palestine to share experiences and discuss how to broaden twinning. Many groups here have invited delegates from their twinning partners to spend a week in their towns and cities to give people the opportunity to hear what life is like living under occupation and to build a stronger campaign. This conference will be your opportunity to see how twinning works to enhance all progressive movements for Palestine.

We welcome the participation of all groups and individuals to help build a bigger and stronger movement for justice for Palestine

Sunday 26th November
11.00 – 5.00
The London Irish Centre
50-52 Camden Square

To register either send a cheque made out to CADFA to CADFA, P.O.BoX 34265 London NW5 2PD (With the enclosed registration form)
Or pay by PayPal – from the twinning website where there is a link to the conference
Cost £10 waged, £5 concessions including lunch