Great Success of R&R Road Show

The event at Walsall needed an extra marquee to be assembled to cater for the large number of people.

The speakers had a central theme of urging the Muslims to rise up and become politically pro-active against the wave of legislations being enacted by the government which are eroding away our civil liberties.

Muslims were told their silence will not mean a brighter future but will result in being relegated to second class citizens of Britain.

The need for Muslims to be just was also emphasised and the need to call for justice for the Palestinians or in Iraq was as important for British Muslims as safeguarding our own land here in Britain.

Next Events will be at:

21 May The Empire, Belgrave Gate, Leicester. LE1 3WU [Speakers: Sh Riadh Ul Haq, Sh Shoeb Desia, Sh Kamal Hilbawi, Sh Ashraf Makadam, Dr Duad Abdullah, Br Anas Al-Takriti, Br Ismail Patel]

28 May Tooting Islamic Centre, London. SW17 7TJ [Speakers: Sh Riadh Ul Haq, Sh Ahmad Ali, Sh Haitham Al-Haddad, Sh Sulaiman Gani, Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Br Ismail Patel]

3 June Jamme Mosque, Cumberland Street, Blackburn. BB1 1JP [Speakers: Sh Riadh Ul Haq, Sh Mohammed Sidat, Sh Shoeb Desia, Sh Hanif Dudhwala, Sh Said Desia, Dr Adnan Siddique, Br Ismail Patel]

4 June Marlboro Function Hall, Carlisle Road, Bradford. BD8 8AT [Speakers: Sh Riadh Ul Haq, Sh Ahmad Ali, Br Ibrahim Hewitt, Br Masood Shadjareh, Br Maroof Shafi, Br Gulam Rasool, Br Ismail Patel]

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Ismail Patel

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