Migration into the EU

Search and Rescue near Sicily, photo (c) Mediterranea Saving Humans

Since 2000, over 75,000 people have perished on cross-border migration routes worldwide, whereas from 2013 to date over 20,300 fatalities have been recorded on the Mediterranean route, 82% of whom drowned in the Central Mediterranean route, which has obtained the tragic record as ‘the deadliest route in the world’.

The large influx of migrants has brought with it the sprouting of ferments of moral breakdown and barbarization in the already fragile hosting countries, which legitimize a pervasive environment of hate against the ‘others’. Hatred, brutality and hostility have become the new normal online and in public spaces, to different extents, in almost every EU country.

IHRC aims at monitoring and advocating migrants’ rights from their crossing in the Mediterranean Sea to their integration paths in the countries of arrival, and the upheaval of the EU Dublin system.

Find IHRC’s report and executive summary (2021) on the situation in Italy here. Watch the 29 June (2021) discussion with NGOs and UN officers here.

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