Forwarded Press Release: Rohingya Need Urgent Humanitarian Aid


BROUK today called on the international community to protect Rohingya people immediately. During the last two days, BROUK has received the following information from the ground;


1.      In Buthidaung Jail 43 dead bodies of Rohingya Muslims were buried in a mass grave near the jail’s fencing on the 24th of July they were tortured jointly by the Rakhine and jail’s authorities. There are over 500 Rohingya prisoners arrested from Maung Daw and Buthidaung recently.  BROUK received reports that most of them have been tortured, leaving without food and drink which leading to death.

2.      Even though the violence stopped 5 weeks ago, Rohingya people cannot go out from their village and people are dying day by day as they are not able to buy any food.

3.      RNDP party has instructed Rakhine people not to sell any rations to Rohingya Muslims. We also received reliable information from Rangoon that Central government has instructed all the authorities in Rakhine state not to sell any rations to Rohingyas in any towns of Arakan. If anyone is found to be selling Rations to Rohingya Muslims, he will be punished.

4.      According to sources from Sittwe, no one can go to Sittwe Central Market to buy their rations.

5.      During the last few days, government authorities have step up arresting many Rohingyas, including religious teachers and village wise people after inviting them to a meeting. Many Rohingyas were killed during police custody and the dead bodies were not returned to their family members, according to a reliable source.

6.      On 21st July, Rohingya Muslims were not allowed to pray in the Mosque and 9 Mosques were sealed off by Nasaka (Border Security Forces).


BROUK President Tun Khin said “During the state sponsored violence Rohingyas were killed by lethal weapons. The current situation is worse as government authorities are killing Rohingya by cutting the rations. Today Our Homeland Arakan State becomes silent killing field. According to some humanitarian agency, in Sittwe some monks were posted near Muslim displacement camps, checking on and turning away people they suspected would visit for assistance. There is serious humanitarian crisis and Rohingyas are daily dying of starvation. Those with bullet injuries and disease are in acute mental and physical pain without medical care and treatment.”


Tun Khin also said “We appeal to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to immediately intervene in order to save lives, property, honour and human dignity of the Rohingya people. The international community must take action immediately to save Rohingya lives. We would like to urge US, UK, UN, OIC and the international community to take immediate steps to put pressure on Thein Sein government. The UK government should release a public statement on this crisis and should raise it with ASEAN countries and other counterparts. It is time for the UK government to re-consider its invitation to President Thein Sein to visit the UK.”


For more information, please contact Tun Khin +44 (0) 788714866


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