PRESS RELEASE: Al Quds day demonstration a great success


The annual Al Quds day demonstration this year has been a great success with over 5000 (five thousand) attending the event. Demonstrators gathered to ask for freedom and justice for the Palestinians.  

This year an unprecedented campaign to promote the event was launched on London buses.  The bus campaign carried an illustration of Nelson Mandela with his quote “our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”.   The bus campaign gained exposure across London and it also gained coverage in the international media.  

Despite the opposition posed by Zionist groups teaming up with racists, IHRC was able to conduct a peaceful demonstration like previous years.  It is a great shame that we still have individuals and groups that oppose peace in the Middle East today.  

The event saw speakers from a broad and diverse background came together and address the crowds that had come from across the UK.  Speakers included Revd Steven Sizer, Jeremy Corbyn MP, and John Rees addressed the crowds outside the American embassy.

IHRC spokesperson, Massoud Shadjareh said, “People have come together in solidarity with the Palestinians and have demanded freedom from occupation.”

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