Press Release – Protest outside G4S against complicity in crimes against Palestinians


Demonstration Today: 2:30 – 4:30
Venue: G4S London Headquarters, Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QT.
Nearest Train/ Tube: Victoria Tube Station

Protests will create military checkpoint outside G4S headquarters to protest over G4S participation in illegal detainment and torture of Palestinians in Israel.

Protestors will dress up in military fatigue and will be carrying oversized paper mache guns to illustrate the draconian actions of Israel and G4S complicity.

G4S is a British-Danish security firm. Among some of the provisions made by G4S to the Israeli security apparatus include a perimeter defence system and command control centre for Ofer prison in occupied Palestine, and security systems for the al-Jalame interrogation centre in Israel.

Ofer and al-Jalame are notorious for having housed Palestinian children in solitary confinement. The internment of children in solitary confinement, as well as their interrogation and torture, is made possible by the technological and logistical support provided by G4S.

G4S have also provided support to illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, and have business interests in maintaining Israeli checkpoints and the Apartheid Wall.

G4S continues to be listed on the London Stock Exchange and is adversely affecting the reputation of British business abroad as well as the high corporate ethical standards.

Islamic Human Rights Commission has been holding fortnightly protests outside the G4S Headquarters and other locations to protest G4S’ complicity in sustaining Israel’s torture dens.

Chair of IHRC, Masssoud Shadjareh said: “Complicity in torture for profit will not go unnoticed. G4S has contributed to the degradation of human rights in Palestine and the occupied territories in its dealings with the Israeli apartheid state, and this protest will ensure that the public are made aware of this.”

Notes to Editors:
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