PRESS RELEASE: IHRC expects very little from Leveson Inquiry


The Leveson inquiry failed to address the representation of minorities in the UK- not even speaking to anyone concerning the subject. A glaring example is press coverage post UK riots in 2011. It was biased in favour of the establishment and failed to address the cause and underlying reasons for the events.

The UK is far behind the US in recognising media complicity in stoking up hatred in communities. In 1968 the Kerner report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders stated:

“Along with the country as a whole, the press has too long basked in a white world, looking out of it, if at all, with white men’s eyes and a white perspective. That is no longer good enough. The painful process of readjustment that is required of the American news media must begin now. They must make a reality of integration – in both their product and personnel. They must insist on the highest standards of accuracy – not only reporting single events with care and skepticism, but basing each event into a meaningful perspective.”

This report was published after riots in America over four decades ago. This quote from the report is also profound as it applies to the British media today. However, we doubt the Leveson inquiry will be so bold.

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh said,

“We have come to accept terms like ‘Black on Black crime’, and ‘Muslim terrorist’. These terms are biased and fuel discrimination. It is unfortunate that minorities in this country have once again been forgotten in this inquiry that seems to care more about celebrities than real people.”
Notes to the editor:

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