PRESS RELEASE: Violence in Burma, Spread of Anti-Muslim Hatred


IHRC issued a press release warning of a third massacre against the Rohingya (12/03/2013), as a result of the spread of hatred toward the Muslim Rohingya there has now been violence against Burmese Muslims. This can only be expected when the language of hate, intolerance and demonization is spread throughout the country.

The labelling of the violence as ‘ethnic clashes’, is far from the truth. One side is armed and the other is clearly the victims. IHRC still believes that in a few days the Rohingya will be attacked and fears this time the massacre will be on an even larger scale than the previous two rounds of violence last year.

IHRC calls upon the international community to speak out against the violence, intolerance and hatred that the Rohingya and now other Muslims are being subjected to in Burma.

Muslims in Burma are a sizable minority; they make up 13% of the population. Their human rights need to be protected and they should be able to live in peace without fear of attack, currently this is not the case with thousands of them displaced and thousands killed.

Chair of IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh said, “We have been monitoring events with deep concern and shock. The world has remained silent to the plight of the Rohingya and other Muslim minorities, and we must not allow the Rohingya to be wiped out of Burma.”

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