PRESS RELEASE: IHRC Responds to Sectarian attacks on Edgware Road


IHRC complains at the lack of response from the London Metropolitan police after a march by a group of takfiris led by Anjum Choudry, descended into violence on Edgware road with bystanders being attacked by the mob.  

The leaders of the march are the same people who were formerly of Al-Gurabaa, an organisation proscribed under the Terrorism Act 2000. They attended the event on the pretext of showing solidarity with the Muslims of Syria, but used it to stage a sectarian attack on the streets of Britain.

IHRC has sent a letter to the Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe expressing our concerns.

Islamic Human Rights Commission has raised the following about the conduct of the police:

  1. Why was a march organised by known members of banned organizations, allowed to proceed?  Attached is evidence that information about this event that targets Shias (it states ‘Shias are the enemies of Allah’ etc.) was available at least a day before it went ahead.
  2. Why was the march allowed to go ahead when the stated objective was clearly a sectarian one? We have not toleratedthem marching in majority community areas.  Why was this march allowed to go ahead?
  3. Why, throughout the duration of the incidents were there only two police officers during the march? Furthermore, when violence broke out why was further police support not available to make the necessary arrests?
  4. There appears to have been a complete failure in the risk assessment for this event. 

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  3. ‘Takfiri’ – Muslims that call other Muslims non-believers