PRESS RELEASE: Global – Genocide Memorial Day 2017

Date: Sunday 15 January 2017

Time: 12 – 4pm

Venue: P21 Gallery, 21 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD

Eight years ago, IHRC decided it was imperative to set aside a day to remember the genocides, genocidal acts and genocidal policies of the modern era. Coinciding with the anniversary of the end of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Genocide Memorial Day was born.

GMD rejects the notion that there is a hierarchy of victims depending on their background. It seeks to hold people accountable by highlighting individual people and power structures responsible for perpetrating genocidal acts and by remembering the victims.

The theme of Genocide Memorial Day 2017 is ‘Lessons from the Cultural Genocide of Muslims and Jews in Europe’. There will also be a special note from Sheikh Mohammad Azmi bin Abdul Hamid from Malaysia who will be speaking on the plight of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar.

Genocide Memorial Day intends to bring to attention the political, social and economic processes that precede all genocides and which provide an indicator of looming crisis. Please see below for our list of speakers on the day.

Raza Kazim of IHRC said: “It is imperative that we understand the steps that lead to genocidal acts in order to resist them better in the future. Such direct attacks on humanity must never go unchallenged.”


  • Ramon Grosfoguel – Department of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
  • Rebecca Masterton – Scholar, author and director of Online Shi‘a Studies
  • Sheikh Mohammad Azmi bin Abdul Hamid – Islamic Human Rights Consultative Council Member in the Malaysian Foreign Ministry

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